All I can ask is that you bear with me, I’ll be bearing with myself if that’s even possible. My last blog was for an eight-week long summer trip around Europe. I’m talking Denmark, England, Ireland, France, Italy, and Switzerland. LOTS TO TALK ABOUT. It’s currently at – and will forever be at – four posts. Needless to say, my last trip into blog world was unsuccessful. This time that will not be the outcome. I say that with confidence for two reasons. 1. I am getting graded so I don’t really have the option of quitting and 2. this blog will be about a very important topic, my future.

Currently, I am a social media intern for the University of Oregon Athletics. As the intern life tends to be it’s a lot of running around grabbing SD cards or asking questions. But it has also become the most amazing learning experience. In the six months that I have been an intern I’ve run out of the tunnel with the football team, taking the cutest picture of the Duck gazing at the field (see above), captured Dillon Brook’s winning shot against UCLA in front of a sold out crowd and learned more about photoshop than I ever thought possible.

One of my favorite things to learn about it social media and communications. I love the idea that you can connect with someone you have never met and may never meet simply because you have a shared interest. For athletes, celebrities, teams and big companies using social media can be a scary fine line. It can grow your name or it can be the end of it. The trick is knowing how and when to use social media and what things are best kept personal.

This blog will be a place where I can mesh two of my passions: sports and communications. I will explore successful and unsuccessful attempts at social media and public relations made by athletes and teams. This will be a learning process, not just for readers but for myself as well. As one of my professors said, “Anyone who claims that they are a social media master is just straight up lying”. I don’t know everything about social media, communications or public relations but I want to grow my knowledge and in the process, help grow yours as well. So join me in this attempt to learn because, let’s be honest, social media is here to stay.