In a post by social media examiner, they broke down 20 social media marketing tips. Here is my shortened version of their tips. These tips are perfect for companies, teams and even individuals.

#1 Use Twitter to Gain Followers

Twitter uses “lists” to help similar people find and follow each other. Lists can be categorized by location, likes, dislikes and interests. Finding a relevant person to follow and then digging into his or her followers allows you to become a part of their lists. Apps like Twellow allow you to find and follow targeted users based on category, industry, and interest. By expanding your audience, you can find like-minded people to engage with.

#2 Use Images

Especially on Twitter, using images gives your content an extra visual appeal. The visual appeal will help get your content noticed. Twitter allows up to four images per post and arranges them in an appealing way. With so many tweets being posted every minute it is important to have yours stand out from the crowd. Getting created with visuals is the easiest way to do that.

#3 Be Consistent

Nobody wants to follow someone who only posts once every other week or month. The best way to gain and maintain followers is to post consistently. It is also important to put the right systems into place. Twitter allows you to schedule multiple tweets at once. Edgar, an online system, allows you to create content categories to you can keep track of what you post. Edgar also has the ability to schedule posts and upload custom images for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

#4 Use – but don’t overuse – Hashtags

Random hashtags do not work. The best strategy to have a successful social media plan is to find a few good hashtags that tie in all parts of your campaign. These hashtags should be easy to spell and remember. They also should not be something used in the past for another company. Make sure to check out your hashtags before using them to double check it is unique to you. Use sites like Social Mention and Sprout to follow your hashtag. If people are using it, engage with them. This is your hashtag.

#5 Focus Your Efforts

Unless you oversee the social media for a larger brand, focus on a specific platform. Finding what platform has a majority of your audience allows you to make the most of your limited resources. Once you have figured out what platform to focus on, inhabit it like no other. Make it your own, engage with your audience, get a hashtag, grow your brand. From there you can expand to other platforms and your audience will grow with you.