Here we are the bottom of the ninth, the last seconds, the final down, almost to the finish line. 10 weeks and 20 posts later. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t happy it was the end. I am. This end means spring break, it means no homework for two weeks, it means going home and getting free food and free gas and more free food. But then again these past 10 weeks have taught me a lot about myself, this field, sports and social media.

Let’s start with me. Things I have learned: I can write two posts a week, they are always published on Sundays (the day they are due), I am really good at finding articles to write about, I am not so good at finding photos to go in my blog posts and I am amazing at stalking athletes’ Twitters. If you remember back to my first post I mentioned my last attempt at a blog, it didn’t go so well. If I must say so myself, I think this went quite well. *hair flip*

Next, this field a.k.a. communications. Wow, I have learned a lot about communications. Shoutout to Kathryn Kuttis for pushing me to actually understand what in the world strategic communications is, just for the record I think I get it now. These 10 weeks have shown me the communications is more than just “here is something you should check out” or “wow look at this new product oh my goodness”. Instead, it is a well thought through plan to express a specific message. I will admit there is still a lot for me to learn but I’m glad to say I’ve come very far.

Sports. One of the inspirations for this blog. What have I learned about sports? That it is constantly changing. The rules may be the same but the game is always adapting to the world outside. From Kaepernick taking a knee to the new CFB playoffs, there is always something happening in the world of sports. Viewing that world from the outside is an interesting perspective. My internship has allowed me to be on the inside and it is a whole nother world down there. The amount of thought and the number of people who are a part of every decision is mind boggling. I will never fully understand it, but at least now I know it exists.

Finally, social media. The other inspiration. If there is one thing to take away about social media from this blogging experience it is: have a content calendar. I am not kidding when I say my content calendar saved my life, my creative juices and allowed me to get many more hours of sleep. There will always be things that come up out of the blue, obviously, those cannot be planned for. However, that big game coming up? Plan for it. The new player you’re about to sign? Plan for it. Coaching staff change? Plan. Plan. Plan. Have content ready for any and every scenario. Know what you’re going to post and when you’re going to post it. Twitter even lets you schedule it in advance. Use the tools to your advantage and social media will become a breeze.

So here is me throwing out the last pitch, the hail mary, that final sprint. I hope that you have all learned as much as I have these past 10 weeks. Who knows, maybe I’ll be back for a rematch.